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Absolutely amazing, the concept was really interesting and the pacing is just right. The soundtrack took me a bit back to SH3 did you get any inspiration from it? Totally waiting for this to come out!

Any plans to port this to smartphones? Looks cool but I'd expect it to work even better on an actual smartphone than just emulating one.

Hey Roberto :D I do plan on porting it to smartphones, in fact I was originally developing it primarily for smart phones, then I created the animated thumb for fun which ended up being my favourite part so my focus switched to PC. I do intend to release on mobile though and it's being built to accommodate both, it's not much more than changing a few variables at the moment!

Very nice! Loved the concept of controlling the whole game via a tinder-like interface. Loved the aesthetics, tight and coherent throughout. Loved the music, although I find the main loop a little too short for how long one has to listen to it. Got very intrigued by the whole mood. My guess is that the last puzzle will involve something like (C)LEAN THE (something)? As another person guilty of "date app as idle game", I can't wait.


Thank you for the brilliantly supportive feedback :D I agree the loop is repetitive in the demo, the plan is to have a lodoooad of different samples that drop in on different beats to give variation, and to have a tonne of variations of the loop depending on what's happening in the game.